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Emergency Management

DEM resources

The Utah Division of Emergency Management can provide various resources to other government agencies. Feel free to browse this page to see what we can offer you.
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Questions? Contact Dave Popelmayer or Bob Craven at 801-538-3400.

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Communications Van

Front view D E M communications van The Communications Van can provide on-scene communications interoperability. It can be deployed independently or in conjunction with the Mobile Command Vehicle and can serve as a back up to a variety of state resources, including dispatch centers.

The van is equipped with 800 MHz, UHF and VHF repeaters, as well as a radio-to-radio interface that allows the patching of different systems. The van is available by request from any local jurisdiction experiencing emergency conditions, or it may be used in displays and public service events, depending on availability.




four-chute sandbagger

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has placed two Sandbaggers with the Division of Emergency Management. During flood season, one sandbagger is prepositioned in southern Utah and one in northern Utah.

It requires four people to fill sandbags and one person to operate the front end loader to keep the hopper full. The gravity-fed model will fill 700-900 bags per hour, depending on the material and manpower, but you should only use sand, the drier the better.

The operator simply presses a foot pedal to activate the flow of sand into the bag, and releases the foot pedal to stop the flow.

We're happy to bring the Sandbagger to you, but you'll be responsible for keeping it safe and secure and for keeping its users safe.

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